The Longest Passenger Train in the World (1)

by Cor de Rijke

Cor de Rijke, engineer-driver NSR, June 2005, Oud Beijerland. E-mail

Translation: Yolanda de Rijke-Luijendijk.  Dutch version


In 1989, on february the19th, the running took place of  “The Longest Passenger train in the World” as part of the festivities of the Dutch Railroads in their 150th year of existence. I was one of the two engine-drivers (the other was Arie Wander) on the 1607 (Vlissingen), and by making this website I hope to satisfy many people by giving them first-hand information about this subject. Except a number of exclusive photos there are also a few videos to be seen.

Honesty commands to report that after two years after our attempt, colleagues from NMBS (Belgium) have driven us out of the Guinness Book of Records. To be exact they took the record, on april 27th 1991, with a single E-locomotive with 70 carriages from Gent to Oostende. Length: 1733 meters (5685 feet), weight 2786 tons. It took 1hour, 11 minutes and 5 seconds to cover a distance of 62,5 kilometers (38,835 miles). As far as I know the NMBS used our data. Goal of this recordattempt was to raise money for the Belgium Cancer Fund.

Photo: The Belgium recordattemt in 1991.

The engine-drivers from LRT: Cor de Rijke (left) and Arie Wander (right).

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