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Although we, the engine-drivers of ‘The Longest Passengers Train in the World’, always kept our oath of secrecy, for a long time now I felt the need to bring the course of things into the open. Sixteen years is a long time and Arie as well as myself have repeatedly been told that we are working for another company now. Besides that, our former company and employer never put this oath of secrecy in writing. Some weeks before the start of this website I came upon a Internet forum and discovered that there was quite an interest in the LRT. I placed a reaction on this forum with the intention to set something right. Perhaps I had better not done this, for what was meant as a small explanation caused a torrent of questions!

For me this was reason enough to reconsider and write the whole story down. In the first two weeks my site was visited by some thousand visitors; and not only from my own country. I certainly didn’t expect this much interest. Many people find the occupation of engine-driver interesting. I am truly a real ‘railroad man’, but much less a railroad fanatic. My interest and hobby is the world of aviation. It’s different but has equal dynamics and I would like to share this with you…

Photo above: With a Cessna 172 (PH-SIR) of aviation school ‘Wings over Holland' shortly before landing on Lelystad airport.

Photo in the middle: Also at Lelystad, but this time with an Ultralight Albatros (PH-2L5) of aviation school 'Skyriders'.

Photo below: With my hand on the hood  of a  TigerMoth in the hangar of the former 'Oldtimermuseum' of Lelystad.

Copyright Cor de Rijke, June 2005, Oud Beijerland. E-mail

Finally some Photos in general  from my 'Railroad' period.

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