The Longest Passenger Train in the World

Report from a spectator (August 4th, 2005)



A while ago it came to my attention that you made a website about the LRT. It’s fantastic, very nice to watch and to read ! Especially since I was at Kijfhoek at the time and near the locomotive. While reading the story I remember the fact that the train pulled up, stopped, and pulled up again. We, the spectators, thought it was a test and done deliberately. Now I understand the situation due to the the same signal of the Telereail and the dead-man’s pedal.

On your website you made a  request to send photos. I added two photos, made with a very simple camera. The quality of the photos is poor, but it’s up to you to place them or not.

For me it was interesting to read about the procedure and the technology of closing the train doors. After all there were passengers on the train. The thing I didn’t know about was the fact that there were radio broadcasting amateurs on board. There I was; chatting by means of my portofoon with broadcasting amateurs from the region. All of a sudden the train departed and the callsign of my speaker changed. They could only operate as P14RNS from the running train, while at a stillstand they had to use their own name. So I think I must have been the first person to have radiocontact with this club; quite an honor ! As proof we send each other so-called OSL-cards. I will send you a scan of this card too. You can add this to your website also. If you find it nothing it doesn’t matter; we’ll still be friends (or colleagues for that matter, since I worked for Nedtrain Haarlem for the past 6 years)

Since you gave us information from an interesting angle, I hope to have given you some information too. I will keep watching the website for possible supplements. There was no Internet at the time and information was scarce.

Success and so long, Wybe Bruinsma.

Picture: For the occasion even the so-called OSL-cards were in style.