The Longest Passenger Train in the World (11)

The Studio Train


The ICM 4083 was converted into a mobile NOS-studio for the marathon broadcast. Since of the original train all windows had been scratched and couldn’t be repaired in time, the ICM that was used was second choice. 

After arrival at Utrecht Central Station. Photo's above: Nico Spilt. Photo under: unknown.

Photo: Lima produced, specially for this occasion, this ICR carriage, in a limited edition. All passengers of the 4083 received one...

The video’s below are from the live NOS-broadcast of july 1, 1989.

On both sides of platform 8/9 at Utrecht Central Station the TGV Atlantique and the ICM3 arrive... This video shows the arrival at Utrecht:

Watch the interview with the LRT engine-drivers at Arnhem. We play our part as promised...